Fitness & Athletic Performance Centre

Basketball skills training

Working on your skill set

  • Basics – Shooting, passing, dribbling, footwork
  • Defence – Closeouts, slides, rebounding
  • Short – Shot Technique, Lay-ups and post moves
  • Mid – Pull-ups, Floaters and Free Throws
  • Long – 3’s (dependent on age and the players capabilities)
  • Run and Shoot – cutting off screens, Transition
  • Pick-and-roll play – Positional
  • Competition – 1-on-1, 2-on-2 and shooting drill involving time, score and skill.

    - plus extra’s that includes ball handling, court vision, and more...


Work on your game with us

Basketball training

Train your skills
develop your game

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Semi-private Group trainings to achieve your goals

Get semi-private sessions to improve your individual game. The semi-private sessions consists of small groups of 3-4 training partners that allows you to improve your game by having actual live in game situations but also keeps the flexibility of you to improve and hone in on your individual skills. Take advantage of the opportunity to focus on both your game with the opportunity to still have real time situational experience that includes 1v1, 2v2 with tons of individual focused drills.Β 

What we offer

  • At Hammrr we offer a unique combination of training sessions that will incorporate strength and conditioning while choosing your basketball stream. The all in one training combination allows you to not only improve your individual game but it also allows you to strength train to avoid the risk of injuries and allows you to recover and rehab. We also have implemented an on site Physio to help your return process in the scenario of any injury kind of scenario.
  • We also offer unique equipment and technology that we will implement in your training to help you to achieve your goals. All details matter at Hammrr so our unique equipment and innovative technology can easily offer you the opportunity to reach your goals and have fun while doing so.




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